Training & Development

As a small locally based company, customer care is paramount to our community-based service. We view our carers as ambassadors for our company and thrive to give the best training and ongoing development available.

We promote all aspects of ‘careers in care’ for all our staff.  We take an active role in researching and presenting each individual with all the possibilities of what they may achieve.  We are proud to say that we have active ‘dignity champions’.

We view our care workers as an important part of the team and help and support them not just in their professional lives but their personal lives.  We believe that family life and enjoying what you do is important in order to do your job well.

All of our carers, regardless of their background and experience complete our training programme which has been developed to ensure the highest levels of quality and care before being placed in a client home.

Good training and development is an essential part of a care workers role.  All new care workers will attend a rigorous induction programme in accordance with ‘Skills for Care’ Induction Standards 1 – 6 and Diploma registration.  Training then forms part of an ongoing process where we continually identify training needs, give support and ensure all staff meet expected goals.